Michelle Venzke does home staging, staging to live, and event decorating

Staging & Beyond is a company I created out of my love for design. As a young child, I was influenced by my grandmother's knack for creating beautiful spaces for herself as well as others in her community. A few years ago, I decided to venture out and put some of my creativity to the test. I took a chance and enrolled in a Home Staging course and I was hooked. I love staging spaces for people. Whether staging to sell a home, updating a client's current living space, or assisting with a special occasion or event, I find each project to be a wonderful and unique opportunity to design a space and bring about its full potential. Staging is an amazing way for me to showcase my design and decorating talents as well as empower my clients to reach their goals. Seeing projects unfold and witnessing the smiles on my client's faces is a true blessing.

Opening new doors and unlocking the potential.
With warm regards,
Michelle Venzke - ASP®
Staging & Beyond, LLC